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The Economic Development Element Update and Public Comment

Mason County's comprehensive plan, including the economic development element, was last updated in 2005. County staff are currently in the process of completing a full update of the Comprehensive Plan (visit Mason County 2036 for more information). As part of that broader effort, the Mason County Economic Development Council (EDC) and County staff have partnered to update the Economic Development Element. This updated element will help identify strategic goals to grow and diversify the local economy while supporting a high quality of life. These strategies will be consistent with the unique characteristics of Mason County, including its abundance of small businesses in rural areas and key commercial centers in Shelton, Belfair and Allyn.

To ground this work in local priorities, the Mason County EDC is conducting public outreach focused on gathering feedback from a broad spectrum of businesses owners, employees and residents. This feedback serves in addition to the County's other public outreach for the comprehensive plan update. The comments collected through this website will be leveraged to identify goals and strategies for economic development and ensure that the Economic Development Element of the Comprehensive Plan reflects local priorities, goals and initiatives. In short, we want to hear from you and learn about your ideas for economic development in Mason County!

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Open Space/ Recreation

Transportation/ Infrastructure

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What We Need Your Input On


Tell us what challenges we should address as a community in the next year.


What do you believe are this community's top economic assets?


Do you know of underutilized lands that could be better leveraged to serve the community?


Get creative – what do you want to see for the future of Mason County?


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For more information on the Mason County Comprehensive Plan Update or economic development in Mason County please visit the following pages:

Mason County Comprehensive Plan Update

Mason County last completed a major update to its Comprehensive Plan in 2005. In accordance with County policies and State requirements, the County is in the process of completing a new, full update. These updates are guided by countywide planning policies, and are based in accommodating new future growth targets in a manner that is informed by public outreach and input.

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Economic Development Council of Mason County (EDC)

Founded in 1983, the Economic Development Council of Mason County is a proactive, results-oriented community based partnership working with more than 125 associates to assist businesses in locating or expanding in Mason County. The EDC offers companies wishing to do business with and in Mason County a single source destination for serving their needs in site location and acquisition, business data and demographics, and process facilitation.

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Please use the information below to contact the Economic Development Council of Mason County

Physical Address:
310 W. Cota Street
Shelton, WA 98584
Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 472
Shelton, WA, 98584

Lynn Longan
Executive Director
Jennifer Baria
Business Development Director
Karin Leaf
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 360.426.2276